M.Frick, Chairman

The "Central and Northern Region Flight Information Publication (CENOR FLIP)" is a co-operative project of the Armed Forces of Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland, and the Netherlands.  On behalf of these member states, I would like to welcome you to the official CENOR website.

Today, more than ever before, the safe conduct of military IFR flight operations depends, among other important things, on the availability of valid flight information. CENOR FLIP production started almost 30 years ago based on the idea, that a centralized production of flight information publications matching a common standard increases the safety of flight operations and a centralized distribution of those publications ensures the timely dissemination of flight information.

CENOR FLIP consist of three printed publications, each containing Aerodrome Charts, Instrument Departure Charts and Instrument Approach Charts. Digital versions hosted on our website supplement the printed publications. We are committed to produce the CENOR FLIP according to current data quality requirements, maintaining the highest possible level of quality and integrity. Fundamental aspect of our efforts are the “CENOR FLIP Production Specifications” according to which we design, draw and publish. We are continuously working on and improving this common standard to ensure that our CENOR FLIP is in line with the requirements of our national flying communities as well as national and international regulatory requirements.

If you are interested in further details regarding our common production standard, you will find the current version of the “CENOR FLIP Production Specifications” here: About Us.  

Given the current rate of technological development, we have to face new challenges in the near future. Already most of our flying communities are testing the usability of electronic flight bags for military flight operations. This will ultimately lead to the requirement of providing digital aeronautical data for electronic devices instead of distributing printed booklets. We will take account of this development, discuss different approaches and provide an appropriate solution that will meet the requirements of our users.

Beside the need for digital publications and aeronautical data, we expect an increasing number of not only Area Navigation (RNAV) procedures mainly based on GNSS technologies, but also High Performance Military Aircraft (HPMA) procedures. Discussions for adopting new standards to our productions specifications have already been started.

The information in the FLIP and on our website is intended to meet your expectations. If not, please do not hesitate to send your comments via one of the national CENOR Offices. We provide contact addresses here: About Us and in the CENOR FLIP. All national representatives working on this project will highly appreciate your feedback.

I wish every aircrew and all users of the CENOR FLIP safe flights.

Michael Frick
Chairman CENOR Steering Committee
Air Operations Command